Jon Goodman began his entertainment career in 1974 as an artist-relations manager for Kinetic Productions in Northern California. (His very first job in music was as a roadie, then he worked his way up to managing bands.) In 1985, Jon co-founded the Cooper Goodman Agency, a San Francisco area artist management and booking agency whose roster included Joe Satriani, Kingfish, Marty Balin, Dan Hicks, Dave Torbert, and Steve Kimock.

In 1994, Jon started Falcon Goodman Management with Gary Falcon. Based in Nashville, TN, this personal management firm has represented Travis Tritt, Michael Peterson, Gary Baker, Frank Myers, Jeb, and Christy Sutherland.

Jon and Frank Goodman own Dundalk Publishing. Their multi-platform song catalog contains hundreds of compositions written by songwriters working in Los Angeles, Nashville, and NYC. Jon is also the publisher of the cult favorite ezine Puremusic. (When visiting for the first time, be sure to make your way to the archives page where you'll find a few hundred interviews with musicians.)

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