My Road to Beijing

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The games of the 29th Olympiad are an enormous milestone for the People’s Republic of China. In the summer of 2008, the eyes of the world will set on this ancient land, rich in tradition and culture. My Road To Beijing focuses on the lives, dreams, and heartache of eight athletes, four Chinese and four American, during their Olympic trials. The audience will discover what it is like to live and train as an Olympian competing for a spot on his or her national team. Throughout the year leading up to the Beijing games, we track the highs and lows of the Olympic experience. We see just how similar athletes are from around the globe: whether it be from the grasslands of Inner Mongolia or the streets of Philadelphia, hard work, perseverance and a solid support network are what all these heroic athletes count on to reach their goals.

My Road to Beijing is the first show of its kind, presented in Mandarin and English, broadcast in China and The United States. Carl Lewis, U.S. Olympic gold medalist and world record holder, will host the English portion of the program. Hosting the Mandarin half of the show is Chinese Olympic gold medalist Yang Yang (A). Together they help tell the stories of the eight Olympic hopefuls and communicate the intricacies of the Olympic dream. From training to family, love and loss, Chinese and American athletes expose a side of themselves that the public has rarely seen. Personal stories, athletic accomplishment, and historical moments accent this groundbreaking series.


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